As the hobbies section of a CV are often so vague and generic I decided to be honest about what I do 'in my spare time'. Whether or not you can call it a hobby I'll leave up to you.  


I used to play a lot of sport. Most of my sporting youth was spent playing hockey, unfortunately. To be fair, I did have a lot of great times playing hockey in St. Andrew's College and then for Bray Hockey Club, where I played on the 1sts going from division 11 when I was 15 to the top division in Leinster when I was 26. However, I regret not playing more rugby growing up. I played it in school and then took it up again when I was 31 while living in Greenwich. I played for Greenwich Rugby club and enjoyed it more than I did hockey. I also played a lot of football when I was younger. Other sports of my youth include badminton, table-tennis, basketball and golf.

These days I play 5-a-side football a couple of times a week, and golf a couple of times a month - in the summer. And I'm always open to dusting off whatever I need to dust off if I'm offered the opportunity for a kick / run / hit / throw about.

I would go to most Leinster rugby home games. Although I'm opposed to the concept that watching other people playing sport is a hobby.


Unlike one half of my family I have been hindered with a lack of talent for music. Two of my brothers and my father are good at the guitar, but I could never get the hang of it. Undeterred, I bought a ukulele, thinking four strings would be easier to master than six. I stand by my theory and have managed to hack away at the ukulele for a few years, although I'm still not very good. I think it could be considered a hobby though. I decided to collect Ukuleles and I add to my collection each year, but I'm straying away from the topic again as I don't think shopping should be considered a hobby either.


Most weekends I get dragged, often kicking and screaming, up a hill or mountain or along a beach with the dogs. When I get there I always enjoy it though.


I read books, making a conscious effort to put down my phone from time to time. I watch television. While this is probably what I do most in my spare time, and as the definition of a hobby is "an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure", it is hardly worth mentioning, as pretty much everyone does it - I might as well say I enjoy breathing and eating. I also like to make 1980s era symbols to denote people relaxing and enjoying sporting pursuits in the style of being made in a hurry.