Summary video of Hell and Back 2017

Promotional Video for Malahide Cricket Club to promote the club before the inaugural test match in Ireland

Promotional video for Rathsallagh Golf Club

Promotional video for the Water Jump at Hell & Back

Promotional video for Jeep at Hell & Back

Promotional video for 2fm at Hell & Back


The Snail Race 8000



"Jacob felt that there was something different that morning when he awoke, but he couldn’t work out what it was. There was an unfamiliar freshness to the air and he worried that part of the wall might have collapsed, but he dismissed that theory quickly as the lighting hadn’t changed. He got up to investigate and when he walked out of the cave he was greeted by the most beautiful setting he had ever seen. Everything had become soft and white and pristine. Sharp edges no longer existed. It was as if a celestial candle had been allowed to drip its white purity over the world. The trees seemed to be bowing low under the majesty of the white robes. The water crashing over the waterfall and into the new unknown below sounded like myriad applause. There was no other sound. The soft snow swallowed the sound of birdsong and there wasn’t a whisper of wind."

Extract from my novel